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25 Jul 2016

electronic message boards

The options for creating custom LED signs are practically endless. Some possibilities for customization include:

1) Enhancing a straightforward LED screen with the addition of a logo or graphic for corporate branding 

2) Choosing different colors, fonts or character styles, character heights and graphics to give the LED display a matchless look 

3) Designing custom-built casework with your own individual specifications for cabinet color and size to setup inside LED screen 

4) Fitting a combination of standard LED screens in custom-fit casing to show different types of messages, multiple messages or multi-lingual messages 

5) Adding necessary modifications to fulfill your specific power requirements 

6) Developing specific software that will enable a standard LED electronic sign to execute a completely non-standard job 

7) Reworking firmware for connecting which has a Third party device to control how messages display, as an example, program text to read vertically, horizontally a treadmill at a time

Designing a custom-built sign requires careful planning and consideration. Regardless if you are wanting to communicate for your audience, establish your corporate image, gain name recognition for your brand, or broadcast promotions and special offers, there are numerous of things you must take into account when making a LED sign making it attention-grabbing and extremely highlight your business.

Here are several things that are considered to ensure that your LED sign may help meet your small business objectives.


A LED sign must be entirely view for anyone to see to acquire the top return of investment, so you'll need to take into consideration the place and scenery, sign elevation and height, traffic speed, zoning restrictions, viewing distance and installation constraints. Proper sizing can give the top resolution, text size, pitch of LEDs and display time per message on your LED display.

Target Audience

Your target market are people on the go -- those who find themselves on the road, driving their cars, commuting for the bus, train or riding taxis cabs, people walking by, people stuck at traffic or stopped at the traffic light, and people indoors waiting with a terminal or those busy shopping within the mall. Would they have the ability to see your sign or just pass it by? Can they read your message in a single glance?

Design features

Do you want to use just text or images or even a mixture of images and text? Do you want to add animation, scrolling text or scrolling images and text? Will your LED sign maintain monochrome or two color display? Does it include video? Then what video aspect ratio to utilize to match up using the screen - standard, widescreen?

LED signs with elaborate full-color displays and video imagery tend to be more eye-catching and grab more attention. Monochrome signs with minimal design elements are budget-friendly which enable it to you should be as effective in conveying your message.

Message and content

Exactly what is the the easy way communicate your message for your target audience? What words does one use to get to the guts of one's audience? What images or videos can you devote to engage your audience? Will it be basic to update content or will you need to spend on cms services?

Picking a company

Building and installing LED signs involves special conditions require professional expertise. Make sure you assist skilled professionals who hold the experience to assist you design and manufacture custom LED signs according to your specifications and in mind area limitations.

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